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We are a software startup, based in Europe and Latin America, focused on building AI technologies that save people’s lives in both, healthcare and mobility. We develop AI software for critical safety applications. Our priorities are based on quality over quantity and our values on an open company culture with lots of trust.

Our products

AI for healthcare

Our computer vision platform helps healthcare facilities to optimize their processes and improve the quality, access, and affordability of their services through:

  • Real time status monitoring of rooms, patients and services
  • Smart reporting
  • Digitalization and optimization of services

Our services

City Safety features Pedestrian and Cyclist detection with full auto brake, day and night.

AI for mobility

Making driving on highways safe and comfortable

  • We are working with Zenseact, the autonomous driving company of Volvo Cars, on the next generation modular scalable AD and ADAS architecture.
  • We apply cutting-edge research to train and productize deep neural networks
  • We analyze raw images to extract meaningful information for autonomous driving. ​
  • One platform, Multiple features

Semantic segmentation

Monocular depth

Holistic path

We care about AI Safety & Ethics

AI is the new electricity, one can only imagine what impact it will have on our daily lives ten years from now. We are intrigued by the power and possibilities of AI. At the same time we are aware of its possible biases. Our development follow the guidelines for trustworthy AI set by European Commission in 2019.


According to the guidelines, trustworthy AI should be:

  • lawful - respecting all laws and regulations
  • ethical - respecting ethical principles and values
  • robust - working as intended

About us


Sebastian Ramos




Martin Buchholz




Munich office

Munich office

Medellin office


Join our team

We always prioritise quality over quantity when we hire. Together we aim to address what some call “the hardest engineering problems of our century”. If you are interested in joining a team with high focus on this mission in a trust based environment, please reach out to us. 


Some of the competences we actively are looking for:

  • Data engineering
  • DevOps, CI/CD
  • Deep learning
  • C++ development
  • Medical Software Engineering and Verification

To find out more, or to apply contact us via



Let's get started

With an ability to apply state of the art AI algorithms into safety critical applications, we are here to make an impact.


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